How To Receive The Airdrop

* Access the NFTBOOKS platform at

* Connect your wallet

* Provide all required information.

* Register to buy an NFT book from Publishing

* Purchase an NFT book from Trade-in

* Borrow an NFT book from Borrow

* Visit

* Search for "NFTBOOKS"

* Add NFTBOOKS to your CoinMarketCap watchlist:

Finish the NFTBOOKS social media tasks, then enter your wallet address (on the Polygon network) to finalize your participation in the $50,000 airdrop. Thank you for participating.


NFTBOOKS is revolutionizing the way we read books!

Our groundbreaking project leverages the power of NFTs to bring affordable and accessible e-books, magazines, articles, literature, and poetry to readers around the world. With NFTBS, you can unlock a whole new world of literature and art that's just waiting to be discovered. Join us on this exciting journey to transform the world of book-reading